May 21, 2021

Savor Your Handwritten Notes with Personalisation On Leather Wallets - KALGHI

Savor Your Handwritten Notes with Personalisation On Leather Wallets - KALGHI
Do you have a handwritten note from a loved one? Perhaps a letter from your Gran or even a birthday card written by a dear family member. How do you save those memories? I keep them in a box, hidden and safe in my wardrobe until I come back in a year to go through it. Then I sit down like a kid in a candy land where I cannot wipe the smile off my face. It’s overwhelming to go down the memory lane and read those heart-touching prayers/wishes of friends. Some of the notes make me realize how far I have come, how much I have grown over the years. For me it's more than a box, it is a mirror that pivots me, grounds me. I wish I open it up more than just once a year.
When some days are low and I need a little pick me up, I either talk to my family or close friends. And I believe it’s come naturally to Ladies than Men to express themselves. While I was feeding my mind with all these concepts I had an epiphany ‘why can’t we make love messages easily accessible and on something that we carry with us all the time; like a Wallet for men or women. What if offer custom messages and personalize wallets with messages that are more relatable and hold a place in the heart( maybe even a story) than a random message’ And Voila! We started laser engraving the messages from old letters, cards, and messages onto wallets. They truly make a beautiful and personal gift for yourself or someone you care about dearly.
I enjoy this process where I get to be a part of someone’s day, someone’s wishes and prayers. I am touched and words can never describe what this means for me. Some services are more than just a business transaction.
All our wallets are carefully crafted from full-grain leather (cowhide) and are vegetable-tanned. This tanning process is chemical-free and enhances natural colours.  We offer both Men and Women leather wallets. However, I have come across more personalised men wallets than ladies wallets. You can also emboss the name at the front and get a message engraved inside.
This also makes a great gift for Father’s day where the little ones can write down their message for Dad, Papa, Poppy, Grandpa because it will mean the world to them to receive a sentimental gift like this. A personalized wallet for men is a lifelong treasure. So this Father’s day, anniversary, birthday or any Gift for him, contact us; I am sure we can make it the most precious gift in the whole wide world. Make it an impression that will last forever. We offer various payment options to make the purchase process smooth and easy for you.  And you will be pleased to know, we can deliver our products to The States ( US) and New Zealand as well( shipping cost applies). Australia Wide we offer free shipping. Check out the links below for our men's range and personalised handwriting wallets.

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