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KCO-Card Inserts- White

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Wallet card inserts are cards that you can insert into a wallet to either preserve a note or as a way to share words of hope with someone special. The card can be inserted into any type of wallet and stored for safekeeping for years to come.

These beautiful, unique, chic, elegant and creative cards are going to leave you in awe. When you are out of ideas for your man or girl, this one will hit all the right notes. It will add the extra to your ordinary and offer a beautifully crafted piece will which live for years to come. It's practical and sits nicely in any wallet. You can also write a message by hand on a nice plain white background and send me a pic. It is a great gift or card for grandparents from their grandkids when they are learning how to read/write.

🔸You can select a design from the image and mention the details i.e. 'Design 7, Reet'
🔸The message can be customised with a message of your choice. 
🔸Simply pick a font and symbol from the list provided to create a unique one for yourself.
🔸Where possible please keep the message upto 25 words for better readability
🔸Handwritten message can also be engraved. For that write the message on plain white paper with a dark or black pen and send the picture.

🔸Size - 8.5 x 5.4 cm


🔸Copper Anniversaries i.e the 7th anniversary or 7th Birthday 
🔸Walk down the isle card for Bride's Father
🔸Graduation Day Gift
🔸Anniversary Card especially for a milestone celebration
🔸A beautiful way to keep your little one's handwriting safe and bring more meaning to cards.
🔸Grandparents Day Gifts 
🔸 Get yourself some brownie points for Father's Day and Mother's Day cards.


**Please note the wallets are not included in the order**