Hexagonal Wall Tiles


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When I started to design something for my office, I was looking for some ideas to make the décor more dynamic and contemporary. And that's when it hit me that Hexagonal shapes inspired from the honeycomb pattern are a great way to keep the feature wall interesting at all times with affordable prices.

This is also  a great gift for housewarming, wedding, growing families, newborn in the house, Christmas, special occasions, milestone birthday's, new business ( our values) etc.

Size - 15cm

How to Order 

There are few variations that can be made on this one listed a few below to add to your pool of ideas.
1. Have 6 in the same natural plywood, stained ebony or stained walnut look.
2. You can mix and match and take 3 of a kind to match your décor.
3. You can add a pattern to yours, i.e. floral along with stained or natural wood.
4. You can also add some plain hexagons in between to give a little breathing space for the styling.

When you have selected the room and the style you desire, simply leave a note at the check out with the requirements such as:-  
2 Natural Plywood - Family Last Name and Established year
2 Stained Dark ( blackish) - John, Rachel
2 Floral - Amber, Clark

I am here to help if you have any questions just drop me a message.
We are pleased to share that all our products are dispatched within 1-3 Business days from Adelaide.

Please Note - You will need to buy Command tape for hanging.

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